What is the difference between regular laundry detergent and Cycles Baby Detergent?

Cycles Baby Detergent is specifically formulated to be gentle on a baby's sensitive skin. It often has a lower to no concentration of harsh chemicals and fragrances, and is pH-balanced to avoid irritation. Regular laundry detergent may be too harsh for a baby's skin and may cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Can I use regular laundry detergent on my baby's clothes?

While it is possible to use regular laundry detergent on your baby's clothes, it is generally recommended to use a detergent specifically designed for babies such as Cycles Baby Detergent. Baby laundry detergents are formulated to be gentle and hypoallergenic, making them a safer choice for your baby's delicate skin.

Are all baby laundry detergents hypoallergenic?

Not all baby laundry detergents are hypoallergenic. It is important to read the label and ingredient list on the detergent to ensure whether or not it is suitable for your baby's sensitive skin. If your baby has a known allergy or sensitivity, you may want to consider using a detergent that is specifically hypoallergenic such as Cycles Baby Detergent.

Is it necessary to use a special laundry detergent for cloth diapers?

Yes, it is important to use a detergent that is specifically formulated for cloth diapers such as Cycles Baby Detergent. Regular laundry detergents may not effectively remove the oils and stains that can build up on cloth diapers, and may also cause irritation to your baby's skin. Look for a detergent that is free from fragrances, dyes, and enzymes, as these can be harsh on your baby's skin and may cause irritation. For stubborn stains, you may opt to use a stain soaker that is specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals such as Cycles Baby Detergent.

How can you say that Cycles is safe for my baby?

Cycles Mild Baby Laundry Detergent was tested and verified hypoallergenic by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification and certification company.

A residue clinical test was conducted on Cycles and other detergent brands sold in the market. Results show that Cycles has the highest transmittance value compared to the others tested. The higher the transmittance value, the lower foreign materials present on clothing after wash, therefore lesser residue.

Having lesser residue minimizes the incidence of hypersensitivity reaction on babies who come in contact with the articles washed with the detergent.

What is SLS and SLES?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are widely used chemicals found in many detergents and other personal hygiene products in the market. It is commonly used as a surfactant that turns liquid into foam and is widely known as a skin irritant. Cycles is free and clear from SLS and SLES making it completely safe for your baby

How do I use Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent?

1. Separate white clothes from colored ones.
2. Measure detergent depending on size of load.
Light load = 2 scoops
Medium Load = 3 scoops
Heavy Load = 4 scoops
3. For stained clothes, soak for 30 minutes before washing.
For best results, use Cycles Stain Soaker.
4. Wash and rinse well.
5. Hang dry or machine dry.

Can I use Cycles on adult clothes as well?

Yes! We highly recommend that adults use Cycles Mild Baby Laundry Detergent on their clothing and nursing items that touches their baby. This is to make sure that everything that touches your baby’s skin, including your clothes, are free from harsh chemicals and residue that may cause irritation.

What is the difference between Cycles Mild and Cycles Sensitive?

Our Cycles Sensitive and Cycles Baby Laundry Detergent are both mild on sensitive skin. But for those who are allergic to fragrance, we recommend Cycles Sensitive because it is fragrance-free.